Garden sculpture design elements


       Garden sculptures are a relatively long-lasting art, similar to ancient terracotta warriors and horses, and cave sculptures. They are well-designed and preserved for thousands of years. Garden sculptures are also static, visible, and tangible 3D artworks. Its application can be very wide, every city, every square, every campus, every park and green space can be placed on a variety of different themes, different types of garden sculptures. Let me talk about the factors that need to be considered when designing garden sculptures. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

  1, environment

  Environment mainly refers to the creation of a garden sculpture that fits the environment around where it is placed. It is important to know that the matching environment is the most important factor in designing a garden sculpture. This needs to consider reference objects such as nearby buildings. If the surrounding area is very wide, you can't make the garden sculpture design too elegant, then it must be made to fit the surrounding environment to reflect the atmosphere. If it is a group carving or a group carving, you must also consider the density of garden sculpture placement. If it is at the entrance of the gate, etc., it should be designed to feel condescending. This has to be a specific environment for specific flexible use.

Garden sculpture

  2. Theme

  The theme is the overall design idea of a garden sculpture. Generally, the theme will be determined according to the role of the garden sculpture. For example, if you want to reflect a positive and positive theme, you can choose resin garden sculpture to reflect it, because such a theme is generally not well represented by specific physical garden sculptures, then you can create abstract expression It fits the theme. Designed to look straight into the sky or slowly rise to abstract the positive theme, so we have achieved our goal. If it is to reflect human history, or to remember the martyrs, then it should be represented by objects or figures. If a famous historical figure has appeared in the city in which it resides, then the garden sculpture of the hero's deeds shaped into that character is the normal way of thinking.

  3, creative

  The subject matter of Dangdang garden sculpture has been determined, and the environment has been inspected. The last thing is the creativity at the time of design. A small idea can often attract people's attention. If all the garden sculptures like "Cupping the Sun of Tomorrow" in the first part are uniform, then the design is more refined No matter how high-end the material is, I don't think many people would be willing to stop and take a closer look. Creativity is the thing that best reflects the level of the designer, but also the details and core of a garden sculpture.

  The above is an introduction to the design elements of garden sculptures. I hope that everyone will be helpful after understanding the design elements of garden sculptures.

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