Installation precautions for large resin sculptures


We often see large resin sculptures in parks or some leisure places, and many companies, institutions, or schools use such large resin sculptures for space decoration. Today I will talk about the matters needing attention in the installation of large resin sculptures.

  Large resin sculptures are more durable, and there is no problem in using them for decades of routine maintenance. Therefore, the cost performance is also quite high.

  The installation of large resin sculptures is nothing special compared to the installation of other sculptures. During the installation of the sculpture, the main thing is to prevent bumps, so as not to scratch the sculpture surface. When installing a large resin sculpture, it is best to first install and fix it before removing the sculpture's outer packaging.

  After all, large resin sculptures are large in size and weight, so installation is indeed a troublesome thing, and it takes a certain amount of time for construction and assembly. The welding process of the sculpture installation must be performed by a professional welder master. When you choose a large resin sculpture company, you must first look at the other party's design drawings. After all, the sculpture is three-dimensional. Many companies only provide a simple two-dimensional floor plan, which requires a full-scale design by a special person to make it into a sculpture. . After looking at the sketch, decide whether you need to modify it, and then install it again without any problems.

large resin sculptures

  When installing, large resin sculptures are mainly welded, which is more solid. The skeleton and the base generally have welding points. The base must be able to bear the overall weight so that there is no danger. The length of the rebar and the embedded iron also need to be calculated clearly. Only professional staff of large resin sculpture companies can do this thing well, so we must choose large resin sculpture companies with a good reputation and more experience to handle sculpture. Problems installing. After that, the base needs to be beautifully modified, using marble for pasting, or the user's company name can be directly carved on it, which will greatly improve its aesthetics.

  Finally, I would like to emphasize again that when installing large resin sculptures, it is better to be done by a large resin sculpture professional manufacturer. This can also ensure rapid completion and safety during the later use of the sculpture.

  The above is an introduction about the matters needing attention in the installation of large resin sculptures. I hope that everyone will be helpful after understanding the matters needing attention in the installation of large resin sculptures.

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