Production method and development prospect of resin sculpture


Resin sculpture is generally made of resin, stone powder, color paste, etc. as the main raw material, hollow can be filled with resin waste, large resin sculpture is generally filled with resin waste as the main raw material. Today I will talk about the production methods and development prospects of resin sculptures.

  Production method of resin sculpture

  Resin sculpture production uses high-density foam or clay sculptures to make mold cores, and then makes mold casting moldings. Through sculpture art, it becomes three-dimensional sculpture images, and various types of beautiful, realistic and realistic figures, animals, and cartoon resin sculptures are made. And can be made into a variety of simulation effects to achieve artistic decoration.

  For resin sculpture, ordinary water-based resin can be used. Silicone is used to make a mold, and then the resin is poured into that mold, and the coagulant is mixed to make it solidify. The color can be spray-painted or painted later, or you can buy a color paste to add it before the resin is solidified. However, it has few disadvantages, it is not easy to mix, and the advantages are cheap. It can also use acrylic pigments.

resin sculpture

  Development prospects of resin sculpture

  With the growth of home accessories and commercial beauty industry, the market potential is unlimited, and it also brings broad development prospects to resin sculpture ornaments. The popularity of home accessories is not only closely related to the improvement of the quality of life of citizens, but also affected by the "light decoration and heavy decoration" advocated by the decoration design industry in recent years. Many people have reversed the traditional concept in home decoration, instead of pursuing overly complicated decoration, but paid more attention to the soft decoration in the later period, including resin sculptures and interior color matching, which can not only show personality but also easily The "taste" of soft-fitting beauty was increased through changes.

  The above is an introduction to the production method and development prospects of resin sculptures. I hope everyone will understand the production methods and development prospects of resin sculptures, which will be helpful to everyone.

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