Resin sculpture production matters needing attention


      With the development of resin sculpture art, especially various derivatives frequently appear in our lives, such as: animal statues, horror statues, religious Buddha statues, etc. So what issues need to be paid attention to when making resin sculptures? Here we take a look.

  Focus on realistic sculpture topics

  The theme of reality is the most primitive material in life and the material most likely to resonate with the soul. Dubrovupov once said that when you see the raw facts of something in the real world around you, you will have strong emotions in your heart. Paying attention to this reality, then exploring the common meaning in similar scenes, projecting it into the depths of the soul, and then materializing external emotions, eventually forming a typical, this is the process of artistic creation. In sculpture creation, we must pay close attention to the living conditions of people in the real world, deeply understand their inner world, and explore the cost of sculpture art creation.

Resin sculpture

  Focus on the emotional accumulation of sculpture

  The emotional expression of resin sculpture is the embodiment of the sculptor's personal spiritual world. The emotion in sculpture is a deep emotion, which is the concentrated concentration of sculptor's perception, experience and aesthetic evaluation of life. For the creator of sculpture, in real life, we must pay attention to the accumulation of emotions. We will cast and refine emotions in our hearts and transform them into emotions with philosophical temperament.

Resin sculpture

    Details created by resin sculpture

  As resin sculpture creation enters a substantive stage, in order to express the rich emotional world deep in the soul, we must work on the concept of sculpture and the communication of sculpture. The concept of sculpture is the perceptual cognitive activity of a sculptor. It has gradually developed along with rational thinking activities such as analysis, synthesis, and speculation. Although it is not regular, it contains the glory of reason in the formation of specific images. The emergence of the concept of sculpture marks that sculpture creation has entered a deeper stage.

Resin sculpture

  The above is an introduction to the problems that need to be paid attention to in the process of making resin sculptures. I hope everyone understands the problems that need to be paid attention to in the production of resin sculptures, which will be helpful to everyone in making resin sculptures.

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